The process and planning of producing a film can be overwhelming. Preparation is key and has the capacity to make or break your production. When you partner with NXG, we make it our mission to minimize the stress and workload that comes from putting a production together. We will properly review and analyze your script to identify the important elements and factors of your production. We provide you with detailed documents, lists and forms that lay out the framework of your project and work with you to create a budget and schedule for your crew members and investors.


Package A

(Hiring a temporary Producer) (Free initial consultation included)

  • Breakdown Script (3-5 hrs)
  • Breakdown Sheets (5-7 hrs)
  • Cast, props & location lists (3 hrs)
  • Characters by Scene (1 hr)
  • Shooting Schedule (3-4 hrs)
  • Creating a Budget (4-10 hrs)
  • Consulting in a limited capacity on pre-production (4 reviews/phone calls, anything more is priced a la cart)

Total Time Involved: 19-30 hrs (3 weeks/10 hrs per week)


Package B

  • Breakdown Script
  • Breakdown Sheets
  • Cast, prop & location lists
  • Characters by Scene
  • Shooting Schedule

Total Time Involved: 15-20 hrs (2 weeks/10 hrs per week)


Package C

  • Breakdown Script
  • Breakdown Sheets

Total Time Involved: 8-12 hrs (1 week/12 hrs per week)


Payment Details: 1/3 Deposit to Start; 1/3 Halfway Completed; 1/3 Proof of Completion

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