Dorothy E. Newton always knew she wanted to be involved in television. Her amazing journey getting there prepped her every step of the way. She loved sports and kept herself busy year-round with activities like track, softball and soccer. Her tenacity, spirit and energy got the attention of everyone around her. She had such a natural gift for identifying the assets in others and helping them reach their goals that by the time she was thirteen years old, she was put in charge of coaching her gymnastics and cheerleading teams. By her late twenties, Dorothy had ventured out into multilevel marketing where she continued to mentor people and assist them with their dreams and had also branched out into the hair industry as a stylist. Once again, Dorothy’s managing talents stood out and she was quickly put in charge of overseeing the salon. While gaining years of experience as a hair stylist, Dorothy earned her Associates degree in Mass Communications, became a realtor and brokered deals.


Dorothy’s childhood dreams of being on television re-emerged once she crossed paths with Lisa M. Waring. While attending a casting call to support her partner, Dorothy unexpectedly landed a role as one of the main characters in Lisa’s The Zombie Chronicles series. The two connected immediately and a real friendship was born. Suddenly, Dorothy found herself paying more attention to what was going on behind the camera than in front of it. She was drawn to the message, mission and values of NXG and before long, she became the COO of the company. She quickly realized that all the years she spent working and managing people made her a great producer. After her ArmourX apparel company and All About the Details barbershop and salon partnered up with Lisa and NXG Global Productions, the two hit the ground running and have no plans to stop.


Dorothy’s personal quote:

“What do you want? And what does that look like?”

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